Test: Archon W40VR, W42VR, WG76W (EN)

EN summary of test report. Original full test report (CZ):  Archon W42VR (5200 lm), WG76W (7000 lm) and W40VR (2600 lm)


Parameters (Red – minus / Green – plus) :

Archon-freediving-video-light-ENPrices are from e-shop http://www.archonlight.com/

W40VR vs W42VR:

test-archon-02Archon W40VR (2600 lm) vs W42VR (5200 lm)

Test picture/foto (left arm W40VR, right arm W42VR)

Archon W40VR, W42VR, WG76W:



Jan Kepič – 2.8. 2016

Freediving PHOTO & VIDEO